Gaylord's Biography
Gaylord Soli was born in 1939 on a farm in North Dakota. His parents were recent immigrants from Oslo, Norway. At the age of three his family relocated to Los Angeles, California. He has made Southern California his home ever since, and currently works daily in his studio in Orange County.

Much of Gaylord's earlier years were spent on adventures around the globe. These quests encompassed camera safaris to the Kalahari Desert of Africa, anthropological research on the native tribes of the Amazon River, studies of Mayan ruins of Chitchen Itza in the Yukatan Peninsula, to the ancient world of Alexander the Great, from Syria to Mongolia.

All of these places and experiences have had a causal effect leading to the exotic nuances, romantic spirit, and sometimes a primeval quintessence found in Gaylord's paintings. With his extraordinary talent, Gaylord produces work of enormous impact and unusual sensuousness; that is filled with primal mystery.

Gaylord's artwork is imbued with a feeling of freedom and spontaneity in both image and technique. Thematically, an idea is allowed a metamorphosis, to expand and grow as the work is executed. Lines, figures, textures and colors evolve as the work progresses until the final stroke makes the statement of completion.

Phoenix Museum of Art, Scottsdale, Arizona.
Gallery M, Fresno, California.
Masterpiece Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona.
Scott Laurent Gallery, Winter Park, Florida.

G. Shaffer Gallery, Palm Desert, California.
Hanson Gallery, Carmel, California.
Apropos Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Hanson Gallery, Sausalito, California.

Art Expo, New York, N.Y.

Art Expo, New York, N.Y.

Art Expo, Los Angeles, California.
Art Expo, New York, N.Y.

Addi Galleries, San Francisco, California.
California Fine Arts, Boca Raton, Florida