Andrew Francis's Biography
Andrew Francis was born in the West End of London, England, in 1948.

After leaving the Hampstead School, Francis spent four years studying design and art at Willesden Polytechnic, and then taught art and graphic design at Cunninghams in Covent Garden.

Since leaving college, he has worked as an artist and graphic designer. He has his studio where he works on his paintings and drawings, working mainly in acrylic and pastel, etching, lithographs and sildscreens; working with print studios to achieve the luminosity of his work in original prints.

He exhibits in England, France, Spain and Holland. One man exhibits include the Hitchin Art Gallery and the New Rembrandt Gallery, Newport; and his work has been commissioned by J. Walter Thompson and Mccann Erickson.

Bursting with vigor, his images are like a new revelation of flowers. The energy of the brushwork and the vibrancy of the colors transport the viewer into a floral odyssey, where flowers, tables, vases, female forms, curtains and a myriad of other objects are swirled together, creating a floral world not seen before.

Francis uses color in the way that Impressionists did; one color sharpens the tone of another. His balance of color is exquisite; delicate blues and pinks shimmer together, burnt sienna, golds and whites suffuse, while blazing reds and blacks vibrate against each other.

Deeply involved with color and light, Francis paints even darkness as a chromatic tone. Shadows for him are colorful. He distorts reality to suit his purposes, even though he is rooted in the world of pictorial harmony.

His quest is to achieve the right result, but through spontaneous painting. He stringently rejects his painting which in his eyes have failed in his constant striving to achieve perfection.