Fenouil's Biography
Born in Marseilles in October, 1936, Herve Fenouil has been interested in pictorial art since a young age. He closely observed the pictures which he saw at his grandparents house; and at five years old he had already sketched a farmer's cart, pulled by a horse which he saw at a market. The sketch was not typical of a child's. Already he had distinguished the precision of sketching and had an understanding of proportion.

All throughout his childhoold, his main interest was to see and reproduce the places and people who he was enchanted by: the sea, boats, seasons, and the wind, whether it was the provincial cold atmosphere or the warmth of the sun by the sea, with all the changes between shade and light.

His studies in drawing and sculpture were with Louis Botinelly, a Marseilles sculptor (Grand Prize of Rome). Subsequently, he attended the Marseilles School of Architecture and renewed his love of crayon which tempted so many professionals.

His interest in architecture grew with nautical architecture and sketching boats, and it was during these years he lived on a boat.

His first exhibition was in Spain, and he decided that his success was to be through painting. At forty years old, he started a new life, entirely concentrating on his art. A painter of light and sun, the serenity and beauty of his work exude happiness.


1982  Galerie Winnie-Dumourier, Reims
1983  Galerie Van-Wanning, Rotterdam
1986  Galerie du Taur, Toulouse
1987  Galerie L'Orangerie, Neuchatel, Swiz.
1990  Hotel Byblos, St. Tropez      
1989  Galerie Ynes Romeuf, Lyon      
1991  Galerie Clemenceay, Beziers      
1992  Galerie des Halles, Neuchatel
1993  Galerie Bouscayrol, Biarritz
1994  Galerie Mazarin, Toulon
1995  Galerie Rollin, Rouen
1995  Galerie du Pharos, Marseilles
1995  Galerie Grossi, Apt
1995  Galerie Mazarin, Toulon