Di Lifeng's Biography

Di Lifeng was born in 1958 in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, China. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, where he earned a post graduate degree in 1990. In that same year, Lifeng began teaching at the Lu Xun Art Academy in Shen-Yang City, where he still teaches today.

Di Lifeng combines the characteristics of Western realism and Eastern romanticism. His paintings are rich and sensual, saturated in vivid, mysterious colors and extraordinary details that bring to mind the great master Vermeer. This artist is a man who can see two extremes. On one hand he relishes in employing traditional techniques and expressions. On the other hand, he pays much attention to the "every tide flowing and ebbing of each period of art". In his work, Di Lifeng combines the concrete object with abstract texture, and tries to mix them together. You can see many mysterious contradictions in every one of his paintings: "indulgent but temperate, free and united, moving and steady". Di Lifeng tries to use his unique visual language to recall past oriental dreams, express his yearning for the past, and reveal what changes the new and old cultures have brought us. Lifeng states that "true radiance comes from the bottom of your heart", and this philosophy is made obvious in his expressive and sumptuous works.

Today, Lifeng lives and works in Liaoning Province in China. His incredible paintings are in private and public collections worldwide and his work has been given the highest awards at art shows throughout China, Europe and the United States.