Elio Dechino's Biography
De Chino was born in 1955 in Tblisi, in the Republic of Georgia (in the former USSR). Since he was three years old, this budding artist had a passion for the fine arts and had participated quite frequently in TV Art programs as well as having had his works published in children's magazines.

Entering the Tblissi Academy of Art in 1972, De Chino graduated in 1979. Having been unable to create independently while studying in the academy, he began to work very actively after graduation.

Profoundly inspired by different styles and schools, he presented his works regularly in the All-Union exhibitions.

This talented artist, who had always opposed the Communist ideology and oppression of art, even became recognized by the USSR Union of Artists, which was at the time under strict control of the Communist regime. With the advent of Gorbachev's "Perestroika", many artists took the opportunity to exhibit their works abroad (primarily in Europe), and Elio was among them.

Following the civil wars in the former USSR, De Chino immigrated to the United States, first to New York, and then on to Atlanta for permanent residence. He feels that he has traveled more than enough and is therefore happy to be putting down roots...literally: he loves to garden and finds inspiration for his landscapes there.

Plans for the future include honing his skills, experimenting with styles and growing, in more ways than one.

Most recent exhibitions and shows:

1991  Exhibition of Georgian Artists, Brindisi and Rome, Italy.
1992  Personal Exhibition at Columbus Center, Seattle, WA.
1993  Personal Exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine.
1993  Exhibition/Sale, Vienna, Austria.
1994  Personal Exhibition/Sale at Convention Ccenter, Seattle, WA.
1995  Personal Exhibition/Sale at East-Wet Gallery, NY, NY.
1996  Artexpo NY
1996  Artexpo LA
1997  Artexpo NY