Christian Claerebout's Biography
Christian Claerebout was born in Toulouse, France, in 1947. He spent his childhood in Africa, which has left an indelible imprint in his painting style. He studied art from 1966 until 1979 in Paris and Rome.

Before settling indefinitely in Brittany, he ran away to North America, lured by the United States, and New York, in particular. This is where his powerful cityscapes evolved: engorged with sweeping movement, brilliant colors and intense darks and lights. He has expanded creatively to include such subject matters as orchestras, airports, elephants and financial themes, but his expressive style is always recognizable.


1980  First exhibition in Paris
1982  Paris and Brussels  
1983  Chicago, Aachen(Germany)
1984  Geneve, Lausanne, Zurich (Switzerland)
1985  Internation Art Expo in Japan
1988  Vienna and Chicago
1989  Art Expo New York  
1991 FIAC Paris, Art Expo New York
1993  Cannes (France), Cologne (Germany)
1995  New York, Chicago, LasVegas, Dusseldorf
1997  Atlanta, Miami, Weisbaden (Germany)
1998  Garden City (New York), Memphis
1998  Art Expo Los Angeles
1999  Miami, New York, Paris