Warren Bruzas's Biography
Dennis Warren Bruzas was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1950. He graduated Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Art Education in 1972. Upon reaching 4 years experience as a teacher, Bruzas retired and went traveling. After touring the United States, he ended up in the beautiful Palm Beaches.

The world was ready for Bruzas when he arrived on the scene in 1981 in Palm Beach. He lived in almost total seclusion, seeking only inner harmony and experimenting with paint. He perfected his style for an entire year before allowing South Florida to glimpse his work. Upon viewing his work, his paintings were bought non-stop and sent all over the world. This kept Bruzas so busy working, that exhausted, he returned to seclusion, but only for a short time. Now with his wildest dreams realized, he is bringing color, beauty, and harmony to a world hungry for his art.

The following is a partial list of publications in which Bruzas' paintings have appeared:

Palm Beach Times
October, 1979

Interiors and Sources
August, 1985

Architectural Digest
December, 1985

Palm Beach Life
December, 1987

Boca Raton Life
December, 1987

South Florida
May, 1989

Florida Home & Garden
May, 1989

Unique Homes
May, 1990

Palm Beach Life
November, 1991

Florida Showcase

Palm Beach Ilustrated
February, 1995