Ariadna's Biography

Ariadna is a Catalonian artist, who was born in 1948. She studied in the San Jorge School of Fine arts, where she won awards and was distinguished among her peers for her great talent and capacities as an artist.

This artist celebrated her first solo exhibit in the Sala Sant Jordi, in Barcelona, in 1974. It was in Barcelona that she had other various and collective exhibits. Ariadna remained in Barcelona until her move to Paris in 1979, where she lived for five years in Montmartre.

In 1987, Ariadna was the distinguished recipient of the ¿Victoriano Seix¿ Award from the Royal Circle of Artists in Barcelona. More recently, she had a collective exhibit in Madrid with other well-known Catalonian artists in Sala Macarron.

Ariadna¿s art is vigorous, and is accompanied by a free and easy brushstroke that has a harmonious effect. After 1980, this artist had an interesting change in her style; it became much more luminous with compositions that have a greater ambition and a French-like workmanship.