Lucio Amato's Biography

Lucio Amato was born in 1940 in Lecco, Italy. He attended and graduated from the Artistic Lyceum of Lecco and soon moved to Paris. It was in Paris where he established a great reputation and where he attained much publicity for his unique paintings.

Eventually, Amato returned to his beloved Italy and settled down in Rome. Today, Amato combines the best of the old masters with the best of contemporary art.

Amato¿s creations today are lively expressions of the joie de vivre of the middle class and high society. Many of his paintings go back to an earlier time, perhaps the early twentieth century, perhaps in France. Women dressed in long flowing gowns and elaborate feathered hats, men in suits. Magnificent plazas, grand ballrooms and animated cafe street scenes dominate his work.

Amato¿s technique incorporates a light and spontaneous brushstroke that makes the canvas come alive. The combination of his expressive brushwork and his colorful palette results in a unique style that¿s all his own, and invites the viewer into Amato¿s celebration of life.