Theo Tobiasse's Biography

The art of Theo Tobiasse reflects a lifetime of struggle and a sense of survival that stems from his experiences as a Jew growing up in Paris during World War II. Tobiasse was born in Israel on April 26, 1927. To escape severe economic conditions his family settled in Paris, France in 1931. During the German occupation of France, Tobiasse and his family survived by going into hiding for two years living in total isolation and darkness. It is this sense of survival and the joy of that realization that typifies Tobiasse's work.

When the war ended in 1945, Tobiasse found work at various advertising agencies as a graphic designer. Moving to the South of France, he spent ten years in advertising before he decided in 1961 to concentrate solely on painting. His work reflects many themes including elements of his childhood memories, Jewish history, Biblical themes, and women. Since devoting his time to painting Tobiasse has been exhibiting his work extensively in Europe and the United States. His paintings have been described as having a purposely naive style with comparisons to Marc Chagall. Tobiasse divides his time between his studio at St. Paul de Vence near Nice in the South of France and in Manhattan where he now lives five months of the year.