Marisol Bustamante's Biography

"Nature makes me happy and fills me with positive energy. The goal of my art is to transmit this joy of life."

Marisol Bustamante was born in Cordoba, Spain, in 1964. She was raised in a family house in the countryside, along with her seven siblings. There, she spent most of her early childhood drawing and painting. "I knew I wanted to be an artist when I grew up."

Her talent was apparent at school, then she attended drawing lessons in the evenings after class, where teachers advised her to study Fine Arts. In 1988, she achieved her B.A. diploma in Fine Arts, in the University of Seville, with specialization in art restoration. Afterward, she began to work on her doctorate. For five years, Bustamante worked on many restoration projects in Monasteries and Churches all over Spain, while at the same time, she exhibited her art in Andalusia and Madrid.

During the 90s Bustamante lived in the US and participated in the main Art Expo´s, where she gained further recognition due to the exhibition of her paintings in sixteen states.

Bustamante's work reflects the depth of her knowledge of art techniques and history, her passion for travel and the representation of nature's beauty. Her inspiration in the Mediterranean cultures of Europe is also present in most of her still-lifes, landscapes, and figurative paintings. Her technique is based on mural paintings, textured bases, gold leaf patterns, manuscripts, mineral pigments... and as the artist claims: "In my paintings, I use to hide a little message to be discovered by the viewer."

Overall, Bustamante has developed a unique and personal style, colorful, vital, optimistic, with a mystical touch and a classic-contemporary approach. These have won her both acclaim and recognition in her native Spain and in the United States. More recently her work is also finding its way to other European and African countries.

Currently, Bustamante resides in Spain with her Dutch husband in a town in the mountains, near Madrid.