H. Pissarro's Biography

(Born 1935)

H. Claude Pissarro is a contemporary French artist in his 60's. His career has encompassed both the "conceptual" artist and Impressionist painter. Claude stands balanced, one foot in both worlds: modern artist and traditional Impressionist. He straddles two diverse centuries/styles with an ease and skill seldon possessed by one artist. Better known and understood, the Impressionist within him expresses itself on canvas. H. Claude' country scenes and rural figures are reminiscent of another place and time. The glowing color and charm of his work are the essence of Impressionism. Claude comes by this talent naturally, being a third generation Impressionist with the famous surname - Pissarro.

H. Claude Pissarro hails from a long line of prestigious painters, beginning with his very notable grandfather, Camille Pissarro (1830-1903). A major Impressionist, Camille Pissarro traveled in the influential circle of Parisian artists from that formative period: Monet, Van Gogh and Cezanne. Camille was a masterful teacher to his five sons. Grandson, Claude displayed the passion for painting that had engrossed his entire family. He studied under his father, Paulemile, and his uncles, eventually becoming a third generation Impressionist in his own right. Claude has opted for everything the style symbolizes: light, texture, softness, and the mood of a painting. He loves the Impressionist palette and texture that make his paintings vibrate with life and light.

The paintings of H. Claude Pissarro evoke a historical richness, a reflection of his roots in the romantic era of Impressionism. The world today remains grateful to the Pissarro lineage for their very real and permanent contributions to the world of art.