Ty Wilson's Biography

Artist Ty Wilson was born in 1959.

Raised in Washington D.C., Ty studied art at the Maryland College of Art and Design and the Kansas City Art Institute. He began his career as an artist for Hallmark Greeting Cards in Kansas City, Missouri. Three weeks after arriving in New York in 1984, Ty received his first, small illustration assignment. The exposure generated from this one assignment brought Ty's work to the attention of art director's citywide and clients such as Bergdorf Goodman. From that moment onwards, demand for Wilson's work flourished, and the artist has rigorously pursued his art career ever since.

People respond immediately to Ty Wilson's illustrative artwork. Portraying and capturing a by-gone era where romance and elegance reigned: people are allowed to personify themselves into his minimalist line drawings and into the artworks' settings and situations. Ty's simplistic work serves as the framework that allows the viewer to complete the story for themselves.

Artists who have influenced Ty's work include Matisse: for his use of color and Picasso: for his strong line work. Among the contemporary artists that have had a strong effect on his work are Erté: for his portrayal of the Art Deco period, Al Hirschfeld and Andy Warhol.

Ty Wilson's artwork can be seen on posters, limited edition silk screens, a line of sportswear and in books. He has designed shopping bags for Bloomingdales, numerous album covers for Warner Brothers and Atlantic recording labels, and created advertisements that have appeared in Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. He has also done posters for many Broadway shows including the revival of Hay Fever and the musical, Staggerlee.

Ty currently divides his time between his apartment in Manhattan and his country retreat in southern New Jersey.