Tom Pergola's Biography

The Assemblage Plastiques of Tom Pergola are unique wall and table sculptures that forever capture stories, icons, and products of our popular culture. They are carefully constructed compositions of forms, colors and textures all blending together to simultaneously evoke a feeling of nostalgia and humor. Like Andy Warhol's paintings of Campbell's soup cans and Claes Oldenberg's giant electric Swiss Army Knife boat, Pergola's artwork immortalizes the common and the familiar.

Pergola was born in Fort Lee, New Jersey, in 1945. After graduating from high school, he attended architectural drafting school in New York City. However, his artistic talents were not limited to the visual arts, Tom is also a talented guitarist. His musical ability caught the attention of bandleader Xavier Cugat and was invited to join his band at the age of 19. During many years of playing guitar, songwriting, and later leading his own band, he always kept in touch with the world of fine art.

Eventually, he became a student of the various media and cutting edge technologies available to visual artists. Pergola's original creative passions came to fruition with his discovery of the process which he uses to create his revolutionary Assemblage Plastiques. Introduced in the summer of 1995, Pergola's "assemblages" have created a sensation in numerous one-man shows around the United States. His commissions include the Art Museum Council of the Los Angeles County Museum and his works can be found in various corporate and private collections around the world.