Carla Harvey's Biography

Carla Harvey is an Author, Musician, Artist and Grief Counselor. Smitten with tales of the Sunset Strip she made the pilgrimage to Los Angeles from her Native Detroit to play a Little Rock N Roll...and instead found herself the entertainment report for a groundbreaking Cable TV news program. After hosting two series and acting in a variety of television programs, movies and commercials Harvey took a break from showbiz to earn her degree in Mortuary Science. She embarked on a successful career in embalming and funeral directing before going back to her first love: music. These days, Carla is best known as front woman for her band The Butcher Babies. However, when she is not touring the globe, her passion is drawing and penning comic books. Her love affair with the genre started when she discovered the Incredible Hulk at four years old. She spent the majority of her teenage years holed up in her room listening to Pantera and developing an affinity for drawing her own scantily clad comic book characters.