Varga's Biography

Sandor Varga has fascinated and intrigued international art aficionados with his unique and unparalleled skills in creating the world's most intricate and distinctive hand-cut and hand-engraved crystal masterpieces.

A third generation master craftsman, Sandor Varga was educated at the Budapest Art University where he studied the art of cutting and engraving crystal for 12 years. Varga is certainly recognized as one of the world's premier designers and creator of hand-engraved crystal artworld. Varga, in the tradition of the finest craftsmen, uses the extremely difficult and painstaking technique of diamond wheel engraving. His emphasis on quality rather than quantity has positioned Varga crystal alongside established crystal companies like Steuben and Baccarat.

All Varga crystal is mouth blown and 100 percent hand crafted in comparison to the majority of machine made or "pressed" crystal on today's market. Through his insight and skills, viewers are able to explore landscapes, view portraits and historical scenes on his crystal canvas. Varga from his studio in Budapest, tranforms crystal into a dynamic medium that conveys richness, poetic and detail in the highest levels of pictorial art and individuality.

The successful Varga Art-Crystal established by Sandor Varga in 1976, marks the revival of a proud family tradition of quality and craftsmanship in the art of lead crystal manufacturing. His grandfather, Geza Varga, started the business in the 1930's, but during the 1945 Russian invasion of Hungary, Geza's thriving crystal, factory and shops were confiscated. Today, the artistic work of hand cutting and hand engraving is performed in Varga Art-Crystal's own 40-person workshop in Budapest, Hungary under the scrutinizing direction of Sandor Varga.