J.C. Morey's Biography

J.C. Morey was born in 1962 in the province of Alicante, Spain. With a family linked to the art world since the 1960s, it gave him the opportunity from an early age to be in constant contact with the work of many Spanish artists of renown and personally meet some of them. With whom he learned his techniques and made his first works of his youth, mainly marine oil and portraits.

Parallel to his personal artistic interests, his professional activity allowed him to attend numerous art fairs, both nationally and internationally (Italy, England, USA, etc.) this brought him into contact with new techniques and pictorial styles that were enriching and inspiring for his own future works.

The self-taught artist has absorbed everything he has learned and is constantly evolving, updating his work, and adapting it to the new avant-garde pictorial trends.

At present, the painter shows his pictorial creation from the preparation of the canvas. The starting point of his work, from him, the human figure emerges in an almost playful way, amusing crowds with different backgrounds, usually marine. The viewer becomes an accomplice of creation by maintaining a constant interest in the small details of the painting.

His works focuses on volume, perspective, and color. Using different techniques, you get Mediterranean landscapes with lots of light textures and three-dimensional effects in a game of shadows and vibrant colors.

Evolution is the constant present of this artist.

His works are in private collections in counties such as the USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Spain.