Fanch Ledan's Biography

Born in France in 1949, François Ledan (Fanch Ledan as he signs himself) is a self taught artist who has always had a keen eye for detail. The youngest child of a doctor and a dentist, Ledan as a boy left his home region of Brittany to pursue studies in Paris. There Ledan focused on mathematics and science obtaining three degrees before his artistic emergence. While discovering his creative abilities during the 1970¿s, Fanch learned his preferred choice of medium, serigraph. Fanch Ledan artistic works reveals a distinct, original, contemporary vision creating combinations that cannot exist. His works feature extraordinary detail and subtle color. Fanch Ledan is widely recognized and in the past two decades has turned his talent to something he calls ¿Interiorscapes¿, which have become his signature style. Using a playful and colorful technique he blends together interior and exterior settings to create a happy marriage between art and architecture. Fanch¿s artwork has been admired by collectors internationally from Japan, Australia to Europe and the United States.