Narb Avedissian's Biography

Narb Avedissian, aka, Nemesis is a contemporary street and canvas artist from Los Angeles, California. Growing up during the 1970's and 80's in L.A.'s iconic Miracle Mile district, Nemesis took to the local art scene. Influenced by the emerging graffiti artist, Narb was captivated and inspired as the art form became a way of rebellion for him. Artist like Narb and those who inspired him were not celebrated at the time he became influenced by the avant-garde style. However today, Narb's neighborhood is home to Museum Row anchored by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The times of the 80's heavily enthused Narb, when art had begun to develop in an unusual way, from music dynamics to the young generation of artist emergent before him, street art, pop art and pop culture was beginning a new era. Narb grasp the medium, pen on paper like one artist who profoundly influenced him whom he believes validated his style of art. Art had become an outlet and a way to rebel hence Nemesis, Narb incorporate his style using spray paint, bombing markers, with conventional mediums on canvas. Narb use his craft to depict his experiences to tell a story. Today artist like Narb are widely celebrated for the raw, existing style that has become mainstream over the years. His unrefined style and street influence keeps Nemesis unsullied and allows him to share his story through concentrated visuals. Narb's alter ego Nemesis displays throughout his works, it depicts a rebel like imagery that tells a story untold in traditional pieces.