Karoy's Biography

Karoy was born in Transylvania, a mysterious region in central Romania best known for its medieval towns, mountainous borders and famous castles like Bran Castle, a Gothic fortress associated with the legend of Dracula. Karoy attended a fine art school from the 5th grade on, later obtaining a BA from the Art Lyceum and a Master's degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious University of Art & Design Ion Andreescua of Cluj Napoca in Romania. Karoy's training at the University in Romania was extensive not only in theoretical and artistic training, but also in the practical application of sophisticated art techniques and painting materials. Karoy's extensive education has enabled him to create a wide spectrum of traditional and contemporary sculptures, abstract paintings and other functional artworks. Karoy's art has garnered so much attention and acclaim that he has had his work accepted into the Museum of Art in Oradea, Hungary as well as the Kunstierhaus in Vienna, Austria.

In his accomplished works on metal, Karoy uses a variety of pigments and techniques to create his multi-dimensional layered paintings. Each painting is a unique journey and creative process that is based on vision, inspiration and decisive gestures. Each metal surface is unforgiving and therefore Karoy must master and control every part of the creative process, as the first touch is also the last touch. Karoy's work is highly spiritual and influenced by nature, sometimes they are connected to physical elements like water, fire, ice or deep space. Yet other times they are deeply sensitive portrayals of organic subject matter such as birds, fish or dancing figures. In either case, the light and the laying of pigments creates a depth and shimmer that is mesmerizing and cannot be duplicated on a traditional canvas. Karoy's work seems to move and evolve as the viewer sees it within their space, constantly changing, challenging our senses and charging our environments with visual energy.

Karoy has had solo or selected group shows throughout Europe including Romania, Hungary, France, Austria and Denmark. In the United States Karoy has had showings and public works installed in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Malibu and Tampa. In most instances Karoy was commissioned to create site-specific public and private artworks from clients throughout the United States and Europe. For instance, while maintaining a West Coast Studio, Karoy created sculptures for a variety of well know celebrities including producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Arnold Kopelson as well as famed attorney David Shapiro. Just recently, during his tour of Florida, Karoy installed two public works; including a monumental sculpture at a condominium project in Aventura and a major sculptural work for the city of Tamarac.

Select Public Collections: Museum of Art, Oradea, Romania Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria

Select Solo Exhibitions: 2010 - Main Gallery, Oradea, Romania1990 - Artquake Gallery, Los Angeles 1989 - Artquake Gallery, Los Angeles 1986 - Centrail Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Select Group Exhibitions: 2008 - The AvantGarde, MOMA, Debrecen, Hungary 2002 - Invention, Innovation, Esthetics, Mucsarok, Budapest, Hungary2000 - International Urban Multimedia Festival, Belfort, France

2017 - Discretion, Tamarac, Florida 2017 - Elan, Hidden Bay, Aventura, Florida 2015 - Dance

Monumental Works/Public Art Projects: Desert Hot Springs, CA2011 - Commissioned work - Metal Painting/3D Installation, Ramada Hotel, Oradea, Romania 2010 - Art Deco Sitting Ensemble, Promenade, Oradea, Romania 2009 - Celebration, Old Hyde Park, Tampa, FL 2005 - Radics Bele Memorial, Budapest, Hungary