Quan Sun's Biography

Quan Sun, a gifted Chinese painter, now living in America, has been interested in the fine arts since her early childhood. Born in Shanghai in 1942, she began her professional training at the Beijing Youth Palace and continued her studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, also in Beijing. There she was introduced to diverse media, including watercolors, oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, engraving and sculpture.

Quan was influenced early in her training by the Western traditions of Impressionism, Classicism and Contemporary Abstract Art. She later studied modern Western Art theories to broaden her own original artistic creativity. She is deeply affected by her own native Chinese art, especially the paintings and prints of the minority people and the mysterious murals in the stone caves of ancient China. The influences of both East and West have allowed her to explore new avenues of expression.

Using both watercolor and inks on special xuan paper, a traditional paper which has a translucent quality, Quan Sun has invented an entirely personal style, where allegory, color and construction blend together to transcend reality and accentuate the magic of the vision of the painter.


China Chan-Bai-Shan, China

Peoples Fine Arts Publishing, Beijing
Dominion Plaza Gallery, Denver, CO

Oriental Art Centre Gallery, Monterey Park
China Hong Kong Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong
Art of China, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Professor Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

Oriental Art Centre Gallery, Alhambra
Sino Arts, Singapore
Art Boutique, Denver, CO
Aurora Public Library, Aurora

Andrew J. Macky Gallery, Boulder, CO
Jewish Community Center, Denver, CO
Art Expo, Anaheim