De Forest's Biography

Autumn de Forest was born in 2001, in Los Angeles, California. She is considered a child prodigy, painting for most of her life. When Autumn De Forest was just 5 years old she walked into an art studio and fell in love with the industry. Ever since then she has distinguished herself as a professional artist and at the age of 15 her paintings are exhibited alongside both contemporary and modern masters. Doug de Forest discovered his daughter could paint when he was staining wood one day in his garage. Autumn asked if she could help, so he set her up with a brush and a piece of plywood and got back to work. By the time he turned round again, the five-year-old had created something "like a Rothko". That piece of wood now hangs in the kitchen of the de Forest home, in a quiet cul-de-sac on the sun-blasted perimeter of Las Vegas. There is an unmistakable talent in the hard lines, the slabs of color and the sense of solid and void. "It was absolutely designed," says Doug. "There's no way it was by chance."

Discovery Channel featured Autumn on a child prodigy special, and referred to her this way, "Autumn de Forest is an artistic genius". Autumn has done national media tours, has been interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show, featured on Inside Edition, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and CNN profiled her in their "Power Of She" series. She has lectured throughout the country for global corporations, universities, charities, and organizations of all kinds. Recently she has been invited to speak at Harvard University on the importance of the arts in education. American Girl Magazine, Parenting, and the Huffington Post are just a few of the publications that have spotlighted Autumn. She has been the subject of feature articles in Scholastic News and last spring's feature subject in Time Magazine for Kids.

Autumn's artistic abilities are no fluke. She has numerous known and collected 20th century artists in her family, including painters Roy de Forest (American, 1930-2007), Lockwood de Forest (American, 1850-1932) and George de Forest Brush (American, 1855-1941). Her artistic style has been compared to iconic abstract painters including Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso. Notably, Autumn de Forest's collectors have acquired the majority of works offered and presented at each and every one of her recent world-wide exhibitions.

She was invited to Rome to receive the International Giuseppe Sciacca Award for Painting and Art. The award, bestowed by the Vatican, is given to people under 35 who show talent in the fields of knowledge and art and who are also role models for their communities. Autumn gave a nerveless acceptance speech - in Italian - and presented a painting to Pope Francis.

Autumn insists upon supporting charitable and humanitarian efforts. Not limited to this list, she has donated to public art installations celebrating the re-building efforts of the New Jersey Shore, The Red Cross, and Habitat For Humanity.