Glen Tarnowski's Biography

Glen Tarnowski was born in Southern California, in 1961. He started to paint at the age of eight and showed exemplary creative skills, so much so, that his teacher and the YMCA director sought to purchase his early paintings.

Initially pursuing sports in college, Glen was offered an apprenticeship working as an independent contractor for Disney. After graduating college, Glen continued working on numerous animated features including Spiderman, Scooby Doo and The Smurfs as well as other popular features including: G.I. Joe Masters of the Universe, Widget the World Watcher, Mr. Bogus and Stunt Dogs. Glen has had the privilege of working alongside master artists like the late Nestor Redondo, whose works graced many comic book covers including Tarzan, Conan the Barbarian and Swamp Thing.

Glen Tarnowski parlayed his animation experience into a successful illustration career working with many motion picture advertising agencies. He illustrated many one-sheet (movie posters) capturing the likenesses of Hollywood's iconic notables from Telly Savalas, James Coburn, Charles Bronson, Jack Palance, Daryl Hannah, Clint Eastwood, Rachel Ward, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more. Glen also illustrated the cover for Dungeons and Dragons' Guide Master as well as created the first brand Identity for Mel Gibson's own ICON production company as well as the artwork for Aaron spellings ABC-TV Christmas special The Three Kings starring: Lou diamond Phillips, Jack Warden and Stan Shaw.

Glen Tarnowski's art career advanced into the Technology world when he was recruited by then Anderson Consulting (Accenture) and worked to establish critical design criteria for the Internet graphics and video for many leading industry consulting applications. Glen was privileged in creating and designing one of the very first cyber world environments utilizing 3D graphics with green screened live action talent and artificial intelligent programming.

Glen Tarnowski utilized his corporate years to advance his fine art capabilities by studying six years with noted master artist David Lefelle in Taos, New Mexico. His studies led to his development of his Chiaroscuro style, an old master's technique following in the manner of the great master artist Rembrandt. Glen employs the same palette and medium which was lost for centuries and rediscovered by art restorer Jacques Maroger. Utilizing this classical method with his contemporary theme has set Glen Tarnowski's artwork apart from his contemporaries. Numerous museums and National Galleries have his work in their permanent collections, including The National Gallery of Victoria Australia; The National Gallery of Australia; Aspen, Colorado Museum; The Museum of Biblical Arts-Dallas Texas; Icon Picture Foundation-Santa Dominguez, Calif. Museum of Fine Art-Boca Raton, Florida; Brooklyn Museum of Arts. In addition, many notable celebrities have Glen's work in their collections including Mel Gibson, Aron Spelling, Barbara Eden, Lonnie Anderson, Ted Turner, Glen Larson and Jane Seymour.