Mick Fleetwood's Biography

Famed drummer and co-founder of the legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac, Michael John Kells "Mick" Fleetwood, was born in 1947 in Cornwall, England. Raised by his mother, and a father who was a Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force, Fleetwood and his two sisters, moved frequently. He was educated in boarding schools, but seemed more interested in playing the drums than his schoolwork. Acknowledging his son's passion for music, Mick's father bought him a set of drums when he was thirteen, and Fleetwood taught himself to play by listening to records by the Everly Brothers, Cliff Richard and The Shadows. As a teenager, Fleetwood became so obsessed with drumming, that at the age of fifteen he decided to move to London and live with his sister Sally, to pursue his dream. It was not long before he became a member of a band called the Senders, which began his ascent in the music world, and led to co-founding Fleetwood Mac, one of the best bands of all time!
Currently, Fleetwood Mac is touring the world, but in between breaks, Mick has found the time to exhibit his photography in a one-man show called "Reflections: The Mick Fleetwood Collection". Fleetwood has been taking pictures since the 1960's, when he was first turned on to the art form by fellow Fleetwood Mac member John McVie, when the two shared a house together in England.
Fleetwood's photography is personal and almost spiritual in its simplicity. The primary focus of his work, which blends more traditional photography with textural hand-painted enhancements, is nature. He is willing to entertain the notion that there is a touch of environmental activism in his work, influenced by his life and friends in Maui, his adopted home.
"There's a lot of work done on the island to keep it beautiful. And it really affected me. I do my best to go and surround myself with people who, quite frankly, were far more aware of ecology and all of those things while I was rocking and rolling my life out here."
Aside from his "Reflections: The Mick Fleetwood Collection" photography exhibition and the Fleetwood Mac concert tour, Mick is also promoting his recently released autobiography, "Play On".