Sotiris-Corzo's Biography

Sotiris-Corzo are a uniquely talented husband and wife team. Their partnership symbolized by their dual signature, attests to an understanding of art that is communicated between them and blended into their work.

The canvases come alive with rich colors to form crisp impressions of Sotiris' pastoral European compositions. The striking colors against warms developed by his wife, Corzo, enrich the canvases and set the tone for maximum visual impact. The juxtaposition of cool and warm colors has become the trademark of Sotiris-Corzo, as well as a life long search for perfection of the technique, a technique which few can hold claim to. A technique whose roots are planted in the rich earth of Giverny and Provence.

Sotiris was born in Athens, Greece in 1936 where he lived for many years. He traveled extensively in Europe studying and refining his painting. He completed under graduate work in 1954-59 and continued his post-graduate work at the Glassgow University, Scotland, 1966-67. He came to the United States in 1968 and continued his studies at UCLA and Santa Monica College where he met Corzo. In 1969, they married and launched their collaboration on the same year.

Corzo was born in Argentina in 1949, within a family of artists. Her Spanish born father, Mauro Hernandez, became the driving factor in her goal to pursue painting. She began her professional career at the early age of 15. An art major in high school, Corzo continued her studies at Santa Monica College. The road traveled included intensive figure study, sketch development, composition theory and color theory. Her eye and hand move in acute rhythm with the impressionists of a century ago.

Sotiris-Corzo now resides in California and travels from time to time back to Europe to gain inspiration. Their original works are being exhibited in major galleries throughout the United States and Europe.