Amir Genislaw's Biography

Amir Genislaw was born in 1973 in Tel Aviv, Israel where he currently lives and works today.  He was educated at the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and graduated from the Department of Architecture in 2002.
Amir's series of "bathers" are luminous oil paintings on canvas with human forms engaged in the depths of the aquatic realm of the sacred and profane.  In these compositions exists a gap between both personal and public rituals, where the artist seeks to present a more personal dimension.  His sublime imagery is unlike the religious baptisms symbolic of entry and membership to religion (Christianity/Judaism).  The figures represent the moment when man separates himself from the world, and relinquishes to the mercy of nature's powers.  The detachment from the land, the conscious renunciation of physical properties as in gravity, culture and even movement, make the transition spiritual and physiological.
Genislaw notes, "My curiosity stems from the fact that I am one of this group.  Connection to the sea and the need for it, years of immersion and swimming have become a significant aspect of my life.  The look on my partners for this action aroused the feeling that this is not just a secular act, but a holy, a personal one."
2013 Fresh Paint Tel Aviv, Israel
Alcohol Ein Hod Gallery, Israel
2012 Work Space Ein Hod Central Gallery, Israel
2011 Something from the Movies Ein Hod Central Gallery, Israel


2013 Pictures at an Exhibition- Joint project with the Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva
2012-2013 Cinderella- Joint project with Haifa Symphony Orchestra Israel
2011 Saflach- Bialik Museum Tel Aviv