Everett Day's Biography

A native of California, Everett Day received his BS degree at California Polytechnic State University in 1984, later taking his MA at the Maharishi European Research University in Seelisberg, Switzerland. Working as a professional interior and garden designer, he has over many years created garden and interior projects for clients in Europe, the USA and Asia. Returning to the USA after living in the Netherlands, Day began working as an artist and photographer in San Francisco in 2005. He then relocated to Miami Beach in 2010, attracted to the Art Deco and mid century modern architecture of the city and the possibilities for developing his art within those themes.
His art is a visual play between beauty, a longing for an idealized past and the reality of the chaotic disorder of modern life- a seeking to create rhythm, beauty and coherence in a corrupted world.
Day's latest works are a series of mixed media limited edition creations. These crystal encrusted canvases capture the essences of great icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, et al., and timeless cartoon characters such as Betty Boop and Superman.