Nicola Simbari's Biography

Nicola Simbari was born on July 19, 1927 in San Lucido, a small fishing village on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria (located in the deep South of Italy).

In 1932 he and his family moved to Rome. While attending the Academy of Beaux-Arts of Rome (in the Department of Architecture) he was influenced by such city treasures as the Sistine Chapel. His paintings represent this beauty with an Impressionistic sense of Old Mediterranean style.

Simbari will transform his everyday life experiences into beautiful pieces of art. Untidy pots on the wall of a home driving along the Amalfi coast become "balcony in Amalfi". A little boy painting a target for a fair in the dusty streets of Mexico City becomes "The Target". And while watching a circus in Paris, the people on horseback become, "Acrobats a' Cheval".

Simbari has participated in group exhibitions since 1949 in such places as London, New York, Germany, Japan, Chicago, Palm Beach, Monte Carlo, and Spain. Simbaris' work is shown in the Auburn University Center for the Arts and Humanities, as well as the Fine Arts Museum of the South. Also, in the famed Hotel Vierjahreszeiten, Hamburg, is a superb collection of SIMBARIS in the "Simbaris Bar".