Cherep's Biography

Sergey Cherep was born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), in 1969. At the age of 3, he developed meningitis and become paralyzed, unable to walk and speak for several years. Attending a school for children with disabilities until he was 7 years old, he found great comfort in painting, and continued with his studies when he enrolled in a school for artists.

He later went to college at the prestigious Serovo Art Institute where he gained extensive knowledge in the classic art disciplines including European Art History, photography, printing processes, sculpture, restoration, methods and painting from still-lifes to portraits. Sergey graduated from the University in 1988, when he was 18.

Glasnost was just coming about, but the life of the artist was still very difficult. Filled with wanderlust and dreams of what he could accomplish, in 1991, Sergey decided to come to America to find the artistic freedom he craved. In 1992, Sergey was able to obtain a visa and flew directly to Atlanta, Georgia, where he had a friend connected with Emory University. The turning point for Sergey occurred when he met his future wife, Renee, in 1995. With his talent and her head for business, the couple immediately set out to get Sergey and his art recognized.

The technique Sergey embraces is the post-impressionistic style made famous by Van Gogh. He incorporates Van Gogh's simplicity of colors, his energy, unrealistic colors and expressive brushstrokes. Sergey tries to achieve a three dimensional quality using perspective and thick texture. Sergey describes his paintings as "fairytales", allowing the fantastic to happen.

Sergey's works are in galleries internationally.