Alexander Grinshpun's Biography

Alexander Grinshpun was born in Moldova, in April, 1940, and graduated from art school in 1968. He specialized in creating background scenery for theater and opera at the St. Petersburg Art Academy. He settled in Kibutz Nevah Eitan in the Beit Shean Valley, when he immigrated to Israel.

Grinshpun's style is not made on a single level, but has unexpected elements. His paintings are multi-faceted art filled with conflicts, but cohesive all at once. Still he manages to maintain the values of traditional painting that were instilled in him during his years at the St. Petersburg School of Fine Art.

This Israeli artist sees his work as a reflection to the change that is part of life: "Each day brings new things," says the artist, "Every minute is one of a kind. You may wake in the morning, and see the same sun that rose the day before, but your feeling is different with the change of time." So, along the years his works reflect a wide variety of emotions, shapes and meanings.

Grinshpun has exhibited at several local shows in the Beit Shean Valley as well as participating in group exhibitions at the Chagall House in Haifa. In 2003, he had a one man show where 80 of his works were displayed, at the Center for Arts in Rishon Le Zion. In 2004, he exhibited at the New York International Art Expo. From 2004-2007, Grinshpun exhibited at Art107 Gallery, in Tel Aviv, among other galleries in Israel.