Raphael Abecassis's Biography

Raphael Abecassis was born in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 1953. Abecassis was raised in Israel, where he studied art at the College of Education in Beersheva, and where he paints today. Abecassis has attained worldwide recognition as an artist who combines traditional Jewish and Sephardic motifs with a contemporary style. He is regarded as one of the new generation of Israeli artists who has penetrated the international art scene.

This artist incorporates innovative techniques of brilliant colors and forms to portray clear compositions and life-celebrating subjects. With expert technique, Abecassis integrates old and new, the natural and the mystic.

Abecassis restores a whole artistic tradition and pays tribute to his artistic ancestry by combining scripts and verses from our Jewish heritage; illustrated prayers, and the independence Charter of the State of Israel into his compositions.

The art of Abecassis has been displayed in museums and galleries throughout Israel, the United States, Europe and Canada.