Flynn's Biography

Sean Michael Flynn was born in 1985 in London, England, to actress Jane Seymour and David Flynn. He spent much of his early years on the set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman,where the cast and crew became his extended family. Flynn, however, never had a passion to get into the acting profession.

When he was a junior, Flynn and his family traveled with his family to Kenya and Tanzania and worked as a camera assistant on the Red Cross documentary Disease of the Wind, a movie about the dire necessity for measles vaccinations. It was there that Flynn discovered that filmmaking is more than just a job and could be a creative and meaningful mode of expression. Flynn developed his voice as an artist and was given the tools and guidance to become wildly successful in film.

To date, Flynn has completed several films, including a promotional short documentary which he directed for Steven Spielberg's Holocaust Foundation- The Righteous Rescuers Lecture Series (Cannes Film Festival, Chapman Showcase in May, 2006- Flynn's first film festival). Flynn returned to work at Catfish Productions as a DV camera operator while developing the short film Numb, which was recently sold to Echelon Studios. The film Numb won the Gold Medal for Excellence at the Park City Film and Music Festival and Flynn won Best New Independent Filmmaker Award at the Delray Beach Film Festival. His film, Numb, was also shown at the Cannes Film Festival making him the youngest person to have been in the Cannes Showcase, as well as the only one that has been selected two consecutive years.

In addition to his photography, Flynn has also completed producing and directing a music video for Warner Music's Chloe Lattanzi, and he is currently in development stages to direct his first feature film American Wasteland.

Flynn has experimented and applied a filmmaker's eye and vision to his collection of HDR, or High Dynamic Range, photographic prints. He has also incorporated figures into his landscapes, and emerged with a uniquely real, quality nude imagery shot in HDR. By creating three (plus) different exposures for each image, and merging them into one, he is able to present figurative and landscape compositions in black and white, and in color with razor sharp detail. It is noteworthy to emphasize that when shooting, no artificial light, filters or polarizers have been used. Flynn's photographs are at once strikingly beautiful and elegant.