Beata Taschner's Biography

Beata Taschner was born in Poland, studying Applied Art at the Fine Art Academy in Vienna, and then going on to study fashion design in Zurich, Switzerland.

Taschner has exhibited her works extensively in the international arena to enormous praise. William Wong, of Gallery & Studio Magazine, stated in the April/May 2004 issue that, Taschner "would appear to be a direct descendent of Jules Olitski, Ellsworth Kelly and other renowned Color Field painter painters¿" Wong goes on to say that, her "painterliness is admirably austere¿brilliant primaries are blended to create delicate secondary hues that radiate from the canvas."

Combining Abstract Expressionism with Color Field Painting, Tashner's art is full of power, light and movement, with delicate hints of sensuous physicality. Her works are more like experiences; as if you are floating through a tunnel of luminosity, awash with shimmering colors. And, she has the rare ability to capture subtle variations of colors that most of us miss. Taschner's art, as Wong asserts, "could only be achieved by an artist in possession of surpassing painterly finesse."

2004 "Emphatic Abstraction" Agora Gallery Soho, New York City, NY Museum Paderewski National Museum Warsaw, Poland
"Prato Palazzo Datani" Toscana, Italy
Gruppo Art Gallery Barcelona, Spain
Bienniale of Contemporary Art, Fortezza Basso Florence, Italy
Soundscape Gallery Santa Rosa, CA
Kansas City Art Institute Kansas City, MO
2002 Die Galerie Vienna, Austria
Congress Center Linz, Austria
2001 Club Nokia Vienna, Austria
1998 WORLD EXPO 1998 Lisboa, Portugal