Lauren Voiers's Biography

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1991, Lauren Voiers was extremely precocious as a child. When coloring on paper did not satisfy her creative curiosity, she began drawing on the walls in her home. At the age of 13, Voiers exhibited another amazing talent. She had the innate ability to work in a variety of styles, from "cubism to American traditionalism", not an easy feat. Now, 18 years old, Voiers, considered a prodigy by many, has developed into an exciting new talent on the art scene with a style all her own, one that merges cubism and surrealism.

Although Voiers has been living with bipolar disorder, she has discovered a way to channel her extreme emotional feelings, the euphoria and the depression, onto the canvas. The results have been astounding in that she, like many other artists with the same affliction, i.e., Van Gogh, Munch, Pollack, Basquiat and Picasso, has managed to generate an extraordinary body of work while battling the disease. It is believed by experts in the field that bipolar disorder can trigger a high degree of creativity and this perhaps explains the success of Voiers and that of many great artists.

Voiers works are complicated, haunting and beautiful. She has an especially developed sense of spatial relationships and an uncanny "ability to modulate forms that would make Picasso take notice". That in concert with her instinctive color sense and original style results in compositions that are extraordinary.

Notably, the Global Peace Initiative has recently commissioned Lauren Voiers to design the second Peace Monument; her creation is for the European continent. It will be exhibited in Prague at the site of John Lennon Memorial Wall. The first was by Alexandra Nechita presented to Singapore in 2005. The goal of the Global Peace Initiative Commission is to have a large Peace Monument on each of the 7 continents.