Pierre Matisse's Biography

Following in the footsteps of his famous grandfather, Henri, and his sculptor father, Jean, Pierre Henri Matisse has carved his own niche in the art annals. Creating his own unique and innovative body of work, yet still honoring his family traditions.

While Pierre is an internationally known artist, he is very proud to have garnered the moniker of 'The American Matisse, The Artist of Freedom and Love' a description which was first coined by those in the media when referring to him while critiquing his work. In educational circles he has been credited with starting a new school of 'ism' known as E-motion-alism.

Filled with color, energy, and emotion, his paintings, cut outs and drawings are a joy to behold. Pierre H. Matisse is an innovative visionary. In 1997 he pioneered the cut out as an archival viable art form, going on to create over 100 cut outs as a tribute to his grandfather. More recently he has completed an artistic endeavor which involves both art and engineering which he began in 1957.

Whether it is impressionistic landscapes, a rainbow of subjects treated with his na´ve styling and exuberant yet gentle spirit combined with just that right touch of whimsy┐ or the intellectual challenge of his abstracts or semi-abstracts all are readily recognizable for his personal artistic styling. That being said, Pierre exercises complete artistic freedom by moving from one medium to another and back again embracing any and all subject matter as entertained by his creative vision.

Pierre H. Matisse is not only an artist, author and speaker but an avid philanthropist, especially targeting children's needs, giving not only art and financial support, but his time as well. Through his art Pierre Henri Matisse shares with us his passion for all that is joyful and beautiful in life.