Jean Devereaux's Biography

Jean Devereaux was born in southeastern France not far from the Rhone-Alpes, in a small village called Puget-Theniers. In this setting, he developed his love of the outdoors and particularly, his love of the visual romance between light and color. As a youngster, he would travel around France and Italy with his father who worked for a wine distributor. He would carry a small set of pastels and a camera to record the incredible 'visions' or 'vues', as he called them.

He decided to pursue painting when he became inspired by Van Gogh and his contemporaries who had often painted in Provence, a region renowned for its incredible natural light. He studied at the Ecole d'Art in Aix-en Provence focusing on both classical and contemporary painting. After studying his craft for 3 years, he traveled throughout Europe, particularly Tuscany and Venice, so that he could continue to develop his visual sensibility.

In the 1980's, Mr. Devereaux moved to the United States to continue this exploration of his first love, the landscape, but in a novel environment. He currently resides in upstate New York, where he maintains a studio, but still prefers to take his palette outdoors to experience nature's view firsthand, preserving that special intimacy between the artist and the subject. His work has been exhibited at private showings throughout the United States and Europe.