Mark Braver's Biography

Mark Braver was born in Riga, the capital of Latvia, in 1958. Like many young artists of his time, he spent three years in the "School of Fine Arts", but had to discontinue his artistic studies when he was drafted into the Red Army. Upon his discharge, he met his future wife and they soon had a young daughter.

Being an artist at heart and sympathetic towards the Jewish cause, he became involved in forbidden Zionist activities for which he was arrested and imprisoned. Mark spent five grueling years in a Soviet prison where he managed to survive. Upon his release from prison, he was reunited with his family and two more daughters were born.

Braver soon realized that during his long imprisonment, policies in his country had changed dramatically and had become more welcoming towards individuals, cultures and the arts. Rekindling old friendships with fellow artists, he was once again enthusiastic about painting, and his friends encouraged him to devote himself to the task. Since his love for Israel never waned, he immigrated to the country with his family in 2000. He resides there still with his family and he devotes himself exclusively to his art.

Braver's works are unique in their vivid colors and special textures. His compositions come to life in an abundance of colors while his unique layering and lively brushwork result in unique and splendid canvasses.

Having caught the attention of many collectors around the world, Braver's works may now be found in private collections in the United States, Europe and Israel.