Michael Schofield's Biography

Artist Michael Schofield was born in Orlando, Florida in 1947.

In that same year (1947), his family moved to Oakland, California where according to the artist "he thought he was going to play pro-baseball when he grew up." In his sophomore year at Oakland High School, under the private tutelage of Jackie Jensen (brother of internationally recognized watercolorist Robert Jensen), Schofield began to develop his skill in watercolor painting. For the next two years, according to Schofield, "he squeezed endless tubes of paint...in his quest to master watercolor and get back to baseball."

Upon graduation, Schofield entered the military. Shortly thereafter, he left the Marines to attend the Harris School of Advertising Art in Nashville, Tennessee. During the summer term(s), Schofield would travel to Woodstock, New York, to study with renowned watercolorist John Pike, a contemporary of Robert Wood. Two years later, he opened his own studio (in Tennessee) where he says, "he taught, painted and starved." In 1980, Schofield returned to California and established a silkscreen printing studio where he could create his own original serigraphs.

The art of Michael Schofield enjoys a strong private and corporate collector base. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and seen on such popular motion picture films as Bridges of Madison County, City Hall, Beethoven amongst others. Art Society memberships include: The Tennessee Watercolor Society and National Society of Artists.