Bernet's Biography

Rafael Lara Bernet was born in Barcelona in 1960. He studied at La Escuela de Bellas Artes in his native city where he learned all facets of art, but where there was an emphasis on painting, his passion. It was at this art school he learned about the importance of light and its tonalities, about the world of color and the intricacies of drawing. Bernet considers himself a self-taught artist for the most part in that he believes that museums are his schools, and that he assimilates the beauty of all the art that hangs on the walls. His biggest influences were the Catalan paintings by artists J. Wite and T. Llacer, whose factory-school he frequently visits.

A calm interpretation of nature's surrounding beauty is reflected in Bernet's paintings. Seaside scenes predominate his works with docked boats, rocky cliffs, and charming villages dotting the hillsides all there to transport the observer to another time and place.

Bernet's works are exhibited regularly in Spanish galleries and frequently shown through the "Otto Galeries" in Italy.