Bacci's Biography


Bacci, born in Peru in 1952, is part of a group of talented landscape artists that have emerged since the end of the last decade. Peru has been a country of figure painters since the Cuzco School began in the capital of the Incan Empire nine centuries ago. However, in the 1970's a new art movement probably started by Bamse Antuez de Mayolo, began. This group of artists painted their surroundings, creating beautiful landscape art. They were so successful, in fact, that a demand for their work caused them to travel the countryside finding new subject matter to paint and further spread the movement.

Bacci came to Lima to study painting at the renowned School of the Arts of Lima in 1969. In spite of strong opposition to his focus on landscape painting rather than figurative, he graduated with the highest of honors from the school. Bacci's landscape paintings became very desirable. He has prospered and has become one of the best known in the genre.