Rina Sutzkever's Biography

Born in Moscow in 1945, Rina Sutzkever lived in a home filled with love for the arts and culture. Her father, the noted poet Abraham Sutzkever, was always surrounded by friends who were painters or sculptors. The famous Marc Chagall, a close friend, illustrated several of his works. The Sutzkevers immigrated to Israel in 1948.

Rina Sutzkever's first steps as a professional artist may be traced back to her work with painter Nahum Gilboa, followed by studying with Moshe Rozenthalis where she developed a realistic style. Her first group exhibition was held at Yad-Labanim in Tel Aviv. She had shown her work at solo and group shows, but it was at the exhibition at Leiweek Art Gallery in 1974 where Sutzkever received much attention from fellow artists and the public.

In her recent work, Sutzkever combines fantasy, imagination, and the visions of reflection. She possesses an innate talent that enables her to express a rich spectrum of feelings and has maintained her unique style despite changing artistic trends. Contemplating her paintings is like experiencing a dream, which has become a hallmark for this artist. Marc Chagall said to Rina Sutzkever, "¿your father painted with words, and you write in colors¿"

2000 Art21 Las Vegas
1996, 1999, 2000 Art Expo New York
1993 Gallery '93 London
1990 Chan Theatre Jerusalem
1973, 1975, 1989 Yad Lebanum Tel Aviv
1986 Autumn Gallery Brussels