Opie Otterstad's Biography

Opie Otterstad's love of art started very early, at about three years old, when he drew pictures during his father's sermons in church. Years later at a summer job at Baylor College of Medicine when Otterstad was sketching the craggy shores of Texas, he met by chance Fran Pirozzolo, a renowned sports psychologist. She asked if he did "more than just draw", and that led to commissions for paintings of Evander Holyfield, Greg Norman and Bernhard Langer. This fortuitous meeting also left an impact on Otterstad that still has a lasting influence on his work. Not only did Otterstad pursue an artistic career, but to this day he continues to weave the sports theme throughout his paintings.

Otterstad later graduated from St. Olaf College with a B.A. in Art and Psychology, and subsequently received a Masters degree in Psychology. Always fascinated by the lives behind the faces, the confluence of art and psychology permits Otterstad to delve deeply into the lives of the athletes he is painting. Otterstad has the talent of capturing the excitement of the game, the power of a play and the thrill of the moment.

Hank Aaron
Barry Bonds
President George Bush
Lance Armstrong
Sammy Sosa
Nolan Ryan
Cal Ripken Jr.
Greg Norman