Zoran Karmelic's Biography

Zoran Karmelic was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1950. Despite an education in technology, at the age of 18, Karmelic instead followed his creative dream and totally dedicated himself to artistic pursuits.

Since then, Karmelic's oil paintings of the picturesque Adriatic coast have circulated around the world and he has become an established artist of hyper-realism. Karmelic's seascapes, even those from his imagination, reflect the tranquility and beauty of the scenic jewel of Boa, on the Island of Brac, where he was born. His paintings seduce us with their clarity of subject and the intensity of colors only found in this distant part of the world. We become mesmerized by the beauty of the seaside; we feel the heat of the day, the stillness of the warm azure waters and the serenity of a fisherman at work.

Karmelic's paintings have been exhibited in group and one man shows throughout Croatia, Europe and the United States.