Elizabeth Pena's Biography

Born in Lima, Peru, in 1966, Elizabeth Peņa is one of those rare natural talents who are evolving into a master painter.

Peņa started creating beautiful drawings as a very young child. After a few years her parents decided to enroll her into the art school, the "Escuela Nacional Superior Autonoma de Bella Artes del Peru". In school, Peņa was able to perfect her drawing skills and soon became known for her skill and originality. She studied painting and drawing from 1986 and 1993. She also took seminars at the "Taller de Historia del Arte at the University Catolica and the University of Lima in Peru.

Most of Peņa's work concentrates on beautifully painted floral landscapes. Her delicate brushwork and subtle colorations result in paintings that are overflowing with overgrown trees, elaborate gates and an abundance of flowers.

Peņa has always loved the Great Masters, especially Rembrandt. But, her biggest influence is that of the French master, Fantin-Latour. Other influences include the style of Baca Flor and the sobriety of Merino, both of whom are Peruvian artists of the past century. Since Peņa's work has been introduced to the American market she has received much acclaim. Presently, her paintings are exhibited in many galleries in the United States and Canada.