Mia Mustapic's Biography

Mia Mustapic was born in 1983, in Split, Croatia. Since she was brought up in a family where art played an integral part, it is not surprising that Mia became a talented artist herself. She began painting early in her childhood and subsequently graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Split.

Throughout her artistic evolution, Mia was influenced mostly by her father, Goran, who is an accomplished expert in the fine art of hyperrealism. Having gone through a progression of many styles and subjects, Mia seems to have found herself focusing on the exquisite seaside views of the Dalmatian coastline.

With a strong will and faith in her own work, Mia is achieving her dreams. Currently, her choice of painting style is realism, however, she is inching closer and closer to hyperrealism, her ultimate objective. By expressing herself through hyperrealism, she feels, she will be better able to portray the Croatian people she loves, surrounded by the magnificent vistas of the Dalmatian coast she adores.