Ben Avram's Biography
Ben Avram was born in 1957 in Bombay, India, and soon immigrated with his family to Israel. It was in Jerusalem that he began his art studies at an early age at the Besalei Art School.

Totally immersed in Israel's way of life, Avram's paintings perfectly reflect the character and spirit of this ancient land. Whether incorporating religious themes or not, Avram's work blends reality with imagination in a most whimsical way. Avram's themes of love, music and the spiritual are interwoven so delightfully in his world of lightness and color that the observer is swept away into his ethereal and harmonious world. "In the land of Israel there is something special about the sunlight and the local scale of colors and these Ben Avram understands and captures in his paintings."


1977 Safrai Gallery Jerusalem
1981-1986 ArtExpo New York
1981-1986 ArtExpo Los Angeles