Antonio Zampini's Biography

Antonio Zampini was born in Naples, Italy in 1938. Zampini has become best known for capturing the essence of the most romantic city in the world, Paris. In addition, his interpretations of the spectacular Italian coast and his captivating Venice scenes have allowed Zampini to explore his ambitious talent. In France and throughout Italy, Zampini has been very active artistically, always receiving acclaim from critics and the public alike.

An artist who has the uncanny talent of bringing the observer into his universe, Zampini invites us into the spectacular seaside towns of Italy to celebrate the beauty of this special part of the world. His interpretations of Parisian street scenes are enhanced by seasonal changes which he incorporates into his works; a snowy day at the Eiffel Tower, strolling pedestrians in the rain, the sizzling avenues of summer, et al. Each one of his paintings is painted in an impressionistic way, capturing the subtle lighting and colorations, creating the feeling of being there.

Zampini's works are found in the best art galleries in Italy, Germany, Austria, and the United States.


1995 San Marco Gallery Naples, Italy
1997 Prato Prize Vienna, Austria
2000 Manzoni Gallery Milan, Italy
Silver Medal
2002 Art du Cadre Paris, France