Bruno Perino's Biography

Bruno Perino's paintings are ablaze with color and energy. Through each bold, determined application of color, the artist creates an intensely emotional and electrifying experience. Visionary landscapes, unrivaled by his peers, are endless fields abstracted into horizontal planes of brilliant color. Perino's still lifes are controlled yet unmistakably rugged; his character studies are inspirational and deliberate. Regardless of the subject matter, the artist takes hold of each and commands their obedience.

Perino is unreserved and daring in his work, each stylized painting bearing his dynamic mark. The raw power and strength of his works are undeniable, his determination unyielding and his sense of purpose clear. Perino's full-bodied, unadulterated colors are lavishly applied with complete self-confidence in his work and ability and without any sense of hesitancy. As a result, the viewer cannot help but be drawn to the work and engulfed in its ebullience and magic.

Mr. Perino was born in 1925 and educated in Italy and France. He has had extensive one-man and group exhibitions in numerous galleries throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. He has also received numerous awards and is currently in many private and museum collections throughout the world. Here is an artist who deserves our accolades and applause for he is, as one critic M. Boutron states, "a painter of all sensibility and at the same time of an utmost manliness, who thinks with his heart but bears testimony with a steady hand.