Domingo's Biography

Domingo Alvarez was born in Barcelona, Spain, in the post-war period, and spent his childhood in the difficult years that followed. Through that strife, he developed into a precocious artist, becoming a book illustrator in his teenage years. Illustrating books forced him to become disciplined, encouraging him to quickly capture the essence of his subject. His work quickly became appreciated by art aficionados in Barcelona and then beyond throughout the Catalan region, into Europe and then to the United States.

Domingo soon had to choose what avenue to take to best express his artistic ambitions. He finally decided on the medium, pastels. And, he chose the female figure as his subject, an inexhaustible theme; one that has survived the passage of time from the ancients, through the Renaissance, the Impressionists, et al.

Domingo achieves perfect mastery of his technique and his subject, traveling the body almost like a photographer. Domingo's women are lost in nature, and they emerge like bouquets of innocence. His sensitive renderings are exquisite.

Domingo has exhibited his work in one-man shows and group exhibitions throughout Spain, France, USA, Japan, Italy and more.