Gladys Morante's Biography

Gladys Morante was born in Peru in 1963. The daughter of a professional jockey, it is no wonder that Morante's paintings focus on horses. At the age of 14, Morante attempted to follow in her father's footsteps, but her attempts at being a jockey did not work out.

With no clear direction after high school, Morante met a horse portrait artist with whom she began working. This proved to be the start of an important and long lasting relationship. At first Morante assisted the artist with his work, eventually contributing directly by applying the underpainting. Realizing Morante's potential, her new found mentor advised her to join the School of Art. She followed his advice and graduated with honors.

Morante's paintings are quite wonderful. Not only does she have a superb technique, but she has the ability to capture the essence of the horses' personalities, which sometimes seem to take on human qualities.

Morante has participated in numerous exhibitions, including several held at such prestigious venues as the Embassy of Spain, the United States Embassy, El Museo de la Nacion, Galeria Borkas and the Russian Cultural Institute.